With the interest children are taking, the books have been far reaching to many part of the world.

The Tales of the wild cat was featured in the 'Your Cat' magazine (below)



(above) the clipping from 'The Cat' magazine





First Book presented at the school in Rushden, Northamptonshire. Many children enjoyed reading the first edition.


The latest edition of my book reached Hawaii and this lovely girl Nalu enjoying reading it on the beach!

Sarah and Jessica Stange from USA loved reading all three books!

The latest editions are enjoyed by Amy and Rosie from Javea Spain!



Feedback from Shady Abu Yusuf

Pete Flynn, a respected author

Truly I am very proud that I know the man in the picture, Peter Flynn -the talented Children's book author. A man who struggled to achieve what he aspired and he was tough enough to reach his goals. He really sets an example of how tolerant and respectful a man should be. The reason I admire this gentleman is that he built up his writing career from scratch regardless of the discouragement he used to get from some people around him. His books are really fantastic. They can take you away with them to a world of fantasy and imagination and I am very sure that his books one day will find the way to so many different countries and will be translated into so many languages.


Emma with her Tales of a Wildcat Welcome to Canada Peter!.


Here Rachel from Port Elizabeth, South Africa with the real Caracal Cat or Afican Lynx which I have the picture on my Wild Cat Cover!