And finally my new book has arrived...

The long awaited 'In the land of the Unicorn' 

A beautiful special hardback edition which I'm really proud to present ready to sell

Come on and get my special hardback edition book before they run out! 

In The Land of the Unicorn

 In this book I decided to take Vicky and Red back to where Red started his life of being a magic horse which is a land where everyone is magic. Some are more magic than others in a land where a unicorn called Uno is the king.

But, as in any land, there are different people trying to outdo each other to gain the upper hand and take over ruling the land. There are wicked magicians, sorcerers, dragons on one side and the good of the land on the other. There is also another land adjoining where dinosaurs roam and even some of them are magic.   Vicky's favorite is a Saber Tooth Tiger called Alex who she bonded with and thinks the world of. She sees T Rex, Triceratops and even the massive Plesiosaurus, and even a Boing Boing bird which looked like a gigantic turkey or a red Indian doing a rain dance.

Before Vicky and Red went on this adventure they visited Robin Hood (yes he does exist), King Arthur's Camelot (so does he), where they make a new friend the magic hawk Kee, so named because of the noise he makes when getting excited. He goes home with Vicky and he also adores Jack and is always on his shoulder. Kee is so adorable but now he has got to know them he puts on an exhibition at the drop of a hat.