The third edition in my Magic series is called 'Tales of a Wild Cat' which tells the story of Cats through their adventures and it proved to be the winning story so far in my collections.

Some Reader's Comments...

I actually felt I was going on a journey with him! Throughly enjoyed it

Cathrine Sionetama, Auckland, New Zealand.


Once I had read the first ten pages I just couldn't put it down! Will there be more books about Jasper?

Megan Newstead.

It was very good, especially when he had lunch with the foxes! 

Catherine O'Rourke.

I'm a cat lover, have two of my own and just loved the story! Very original.

Karen, Cannes, France.




 Jasper is no ordinary cat. At times he is a loving friend and father, another time he is a living nightmare. On his adventures pretend you are travelling with him and enjoy the good and exciting times but also the trouble and heartache this so unusual cat brings to the pages of this book. One thing is for certain you will never forget the cat called Jasper, and hopefully you will think the world of him even when his behaviour is at it's worse. Here are some excerpts from the book to wet your appetite.

 My deepest fears were realized when I heard a deep growl from the undergrowth, I froze, unsure what to do for the best. There blocking my way was the most beautiful creature I could ever had imagined. My Dad was an awesome sight, but this was different. This cat was three times bigger than me. She was black with a faint pattern just showing through her glossy coat, her piercing eyes seemed to drill right through me.

 What is she going to do? All I could do is wait and see, would she splatter me all over the forest? Would she eat me for dinner? She gave a quite growl and turned towards the forest.

She was definitely Shadows daughter, she had such a tender loving nature, just like her mothers, they were like two peas in a pod except for the prominent blaze on her temple, we could only call her one name Blaze.

 I put myself between the chicken run and the fox, I was nervous despite knowing I was favorite to win the battle. Foxes are vicious especially if they are hunting to feed their cubs, as this vixen almost certainly was.

The fox and I edged closer and the moment of truth was close, we launched into each other, the impact was immense. Teeth and claws ripped into flesh, this was harder than I thought, but I was getting the better of the fierce vixen….

 In the distance we could see a huge stray dog attacking Shep the collie. I raced over to them and put myself between the dog and Shep, I arched my back as Dad had taught me, fluffing my coat up to make me look bigger, and showing that my claws were at the ready.  I must have been an awesome sight because, although he was a lot bigger than me, the dog turned and ran away. I chased him until he was right out of the property.

 A new Jasper book is being written, in that book he even encounters a ghost cat wow is there no end to what this Jasper gets up to, most people think cats just eat, sleep and be pampered, well this cat is certainly not the usual run of the mill cat as you most certainly will find out.