This is book 2 of the horse 'Red' stories on further mysteries through time!

 Some Reader's comments... 


Thank you so much! the book will be kept in the family until I can read the to my grandchildren.

Ember Dimaggio, California.

I went straight to bed with it and hardly put it down for 2 days!


My favourite character is Vicki. I liked her because she is just like me!

Lauren Vine.

I really liked the story because the adventures were exciting! Vicki has a magical horse and she goes on lots of adventures to the past.

Grace Middleton.

Loved the books and can't wait for the next Magic Horse adventure!

Shelly, Sarah and Jesscia Stange, Conde, South Dakota, USA.

In the middle of the book I thought I knew what was going to happen, but it turned out totally different! I can't wait to read your next book.

Conner Mitchell. 







 After a long night under the stars we managed a few hours sleep but we were very bleary eyed when the dawn broke.  That soon changed, we were soon completely wide-awake, because they're standing in front of us was the very imposing figure of the warrior Queen herself, Boudicca.

 She must have been nearly six feet tall; a very tall lady for those times. To our surprise she smiled rather sweetly, but I must say it was mostly Jack she was smiling at.  I think his red hair being the same as hers done the trick, although hers was at least three feet long flowing down her back and over her shoulders, with her piercing blue eyes, which brought a shudder between my shoulder blades, she really was an awesome and powerful sight.


 The inn we found ourselves in looked as though it was a favourite haunt for all the scallywags, as I called them. Meaning all the people were up to no good, such as pickpockets and thieves.  We would certainly have to watch ourselves, as we were dressed far more smartly than anyone else in the inn. We looked like we had plenty of money; we were definitely in the wrong inn at the wrong time.

 I turned to Jack, and whispered to him so nobody could hear me, "Lets get out of here Jack, it's to scary for me".

 It was too late. Just as we were leaving the inn a great hulk of a man grabbed hold of Jack's sleeve and said in a gruff voice, "How about a flagon of ale for me and the lad, governor?" We were taken aback with the cheek of the man, and Jack reached for his sword, but I said quickly, "No Jack just give him the money and let's get out of here safely".

 This did not please Jack, his eyes went black with anger but I said, "Please Jack". In the end he succumbed to my pleading, gave the man a few pence, and told him to clear off in a very angry voice.


 The crowd started to applaud and shout. In the entrance to one of the temples in the square stood the Pharaoh herself, the Queen of Kings, as she was known, Cleopatra.

 Her entrance into our lives was nothing short of spectacular. She wore a white gown with gold braid with a spectacular belt and buckle also in gold. On her head she wore a gold headdress in the shape of a cobra's head and her jet-black hair was plaited.

 In one hand she held a beautiful flower and in the other she had a magnificent cheetah on a leash. Nobody, and I mean nobody, could have made a bigger impression than Cleopatra made on me. The charisma oozed out of her and we were twenty metres away from her.