The Mysteries of the Magical Horse is my very first book that I have written, it about the Horse called Red who goes through the mysteries of history.


Some reader's comments


I'm writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your book, it was a real page turner, but the real page turner was chapter 5 in War-time London! It kept me glued to my seat.


Becky Conway.


My favourite character in the book was Jack. I loved the part when he got the magic coin which made him able to...

Daniel Par.

All the Chapters were great, but my favourite was Chapter 3 when they go back to the sixties!

Joe Burrows (Age 9)



Vicky was a fortunate thirteen-year-old girl who lived on a small farm on the outskirts of Northampton.  Her passion was horses so when she was old enough to be responsible, her parents brought her a handsome stallion called Pandoer, but because of his dark red colouring she nicknamed him Red.

Now this is where The Magic Horse adventures began, as Red turned out to be a Magic Horse.

This is a remarkable tale and stories that will hopefully go on forever through the ages of time, and of course we shall find out the real truth about history as they are both whisked through time in the twinkling of an eye, actually living in the time they travel into.

There is another twist to these stories, as they reach their destination Red turns into a teenager called Jack. Now this is only the start to these exciting adventures you will find yourself in, and somebody with the same imagination as the author will particularly enjoy these books, imagining you are actually in the same adventures as Vicky and Jack.



After what seemed like hours but was really five minutes, we heard the first bang which was at least a mile away.  The expressions on everyone's faces changed dramatically.  I looked across at Jack and whispered, "Please hold me, I'm so worried what might happen". An old lady saw the situation we were in, scared, freezing and cold, and bless her she gave us a blanket and said, "Don't worry the bombs won't get us down here."

"They will never beat us. Dear we might be down but nowhere near out!" Then to our astonishment, she started to sing, "There'll always be an England" and everyone joined in as though they were having a gigantic party.

Talk about brave; how can anyone beat a nation who acts like that when they are so frightened. Their singing gave them the strength to carry on.

All four of us linked arms as we walked through the war-torn streets hardly seeing where we were going, as there was no street lighting owing to the blackout. Annie was in fine voice again. She certainly loves her singing. This time Vera Lynn's 'We'll meet again' was her favourite. I hope Vera could not hear us as it was not very harmonious.  Laughing at Jack I shouted " Don't give your day job up because you will never make a singer.  Then to the tune of Snow Whites Whistle while you work, Annie and Phyllis gave us a rendering of "Whistle while you work Hitler is a twerp Goering's barmy so's his army Whistle while you work".