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   P. J. Flynn

P.J.Flynn writes children's adventure books with a difference. All of his unique stories are full of magic and mystery but at the same time they are educational. The adventures of the Magic Horse are woven around historical facts and real events. By taking this approach children become inspired to learn more about history and the fascinating characters they meet along the way.


P.J.Flynn was encouraged by teachers when he first began writing. Teaching history suddenly became easier because the children began asking questions about the events and people they were introduced to through his books.  As one Head teacher put it, "They seemed inspired to learn more about history. It was no longer something they had to put up with. Their thirst for knowledge almost became unquenchable!"


P.J.Flynn doesn't just delve into ancient history; his characters visit the 'swinging sixties', The Second World War London, The Roman occupation, Victorian times, Elizabethan times and historical legends.  He introduces children to the times of their parents and grandparents as well as stories and events that moulded our country. His growing army of readers' constantly write to him asking when another adventure book will be published and where it will take them.


First editions of his three original books are now running out and P.J.Flynn has decided to personally sign the remainder until stocks are depleted.  Now is the chance to acquire a unique piece of literature.  With demand growing, P.J.Flynn's time is rapidly becoming limited and with the first reprint in the pipeline he certainly will not be in a position to sign every copy of the next print run.

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